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Ecclesgreig castle occupies a commanding Scottish hilltop position, half a mile inland from the village of St. Cyrus.  It offers spectacular views over the North Sea and is within easy reach (around 5 miles) of the A90 Aberdeen to Dundee Dual Carrigeway.  Click here for a map.
Picture of Ecclesgreig Castle
The castle itself is a grand, elegant building with turrents, portcullis and crow stepped gables.  It sits behind an excellent example of renaissance

Bram Stoker is believed to have spent time at Ecclesgreig Castle, leading some to the conclusion that the castle and gardens provided at least some inspiration for the story of Count Dracula.  See the Press Cuttings Section for more details.

The estate surrounding the Castle can be used for hosting various types of events, most notably the annual game fair but also corporate fun days, clay shooting, teambuilding events and weddings.  

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