Ex-MOD Camouflage Well Maintained Gear High Quality Paintballs


Warrior issues its paintballers with real ex-MOD camouflage clothing. Warrior maintains a rigorous maintenance schedule of all its equipment including washing of all clothing after each group.


Warrior's Visor Packs are high quality specifically-designed-for-paintball items.

Our visors:

  • have integrated peaks and ear protection
  • extend from below the chin to above the eyebrows
  • can be worn with (or without) spectacles
  • feature an anti-fog coating and interchangeable lenses

For safety reasons the wearing of visor packs is not optional, they must be worn at all times. Warrior likes to look after its paintballers so that they come back.


The guns used at Warrior are semi-automatic paintball guns. They feature a high rate of fire and paintballers often comment of the high quality and reliability of these items. The reliability is also largely down to the maintenance which is carried out religiously after every paintball session.

Each gun is stripped, cleaned and lubricated after every paintballing session and before the staff go home. The guns have an attached gas canister, full of CO2 used to power the guns. There is a slim chance paintballers will run out of CO2 during the day as each canister lasts for 4-500 shots but rest assured, Warrior does not charge any extra for refills of the CO2 canister.

High quality paintballs

There are a number of manufacturers and suppliers of paintballs which means paintballs can vary greatly in quality.  The paintballs we use at Warrior are from a highly reputable company and are of a premium quality. These high grade paintballs feature better range, higher accuracy, higher quality coating (meaning much fewer misfire incidences) and contain paint with better opacity (making it harder to cheat).

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