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Doing Battle

Capture the gun emplacement, storm the embassy to free the hostages or fight a pitched "up and over" battle through the trenches to seize the day.  Each scenario at Warrior Paintball takes place in a different area so the terrain and layout is never quite the same.

Fighting takes the form of several scenarios during the day. Each scenario takes place in a geographically different location from the last and most scenarios are played twice. One team attacking and one team defending, then the opposite way round with the attacking team now defending and vice versa. The team that attacks first play the subsequent scenario attacking last so both teams get to utilise the element of surprise equally.


A normal Day's Paintball with Warrior kicks off at 1030 hours. On arrival at Warrior Paintball, the group is usually divided into 2 teams of Warriors.


Each warrior will then be provided with the following upon arrival:

1x Set of Camouflage clothing

Ex Ministry of Defence Camouflage jacket and Trousers

1x Visor Pack

Specialised Paintball Helmet comprising Visor, forehead and ear protectors

After a comprehensive safety briefing warriors will then also be issued with:

1x Paintball Gun

High precision, gas powered paintball gun, capable of firing paintballs in excess of 200 yards.

1x CO2 Canister

Gas for gun, good for the firing of 400-500 paintballs, free refills when depleted

50x Paintballs

High quality paintballs.

Please see the "Equipment" page for more details on the equipment


During the day, the 50 paintballs included in the price will probably go quite quickly. The opportunity to have your Paintballs replenished arises after each game and each extra 50 paintballs costs £5. 


After Warriors are issued with their equipment and are suitably briefed, they are ready to assume battle stations and commence fighting. Of course even ruthless killers get hungry and thirsty so, usually, after 2 scenarios have been played, the Marshalls signal a 45 minute truce and everybody goes for lunch. Unlike some other Paintballing companies, lunch is included in the cost. Warrior provides a substantial self service meal inc. rolls, pastries, crisps, chocolate and juice. 

More Battle

After lunch another 2 or 3 scenarios are played which takes until about 4 or 5pm. Paintballers are always offered the opportunity to keep playing at this point but often have unleashed enough pent-up energy to last them till next time. A day's paintball can last as long as the group wishes and their day ends when the group decides.

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